Reefer is short for refrigerated, referring to the specific type of shipping containers used to ship perishable cargo such as fruit at a constant temperature. Before the invention of this type of container, perishable cargo was usually transported on special reefer ships that cooled the entire cargo. With reefer containers, each specific container can have its own constant temperature. This makes it much easier to ship multiple types of reefer cargo at the same time for instance.

Our reefer cargo service

Whether your reefer cargo consists of flowers, fruits, meat or pharmaceutical content, you need to be sure they arrive in good order. Exofex has years and years of knowledge and experience in arranging shipping cargo like meat, vegetables, fruit, diary, foodstuffs, chemicals and eggs. This makes us the primary choice for many of our clients, who rely on our reefer cargo service to get their shipment from A to B in the most efficient way possible.

Quick on our feet

Time is of the essence in our trade and this is no different for reefer cargo. Our firm is compact and agile, making it easy to confirm your requests in a timely fashion. Usually within the hour and always within the same part of the day. We prefer acting quickly and ensuring our clients that their shipment will be on time, every time.

Meeting your demands

The delivery itself is at the very least equally important as speed. We guarantee that we get the job done, and that we get it done right. When issues arise, we use our network to stay on top of things. You can expect us to look for the solution first and deal with the specifics and paperwork afterwards. This way, you can move forward swiftly, without any unnecessary hurdles.

Reach out, we’re here for you

We’re always available to help you stay in motion. Our team is ready to put in the work you need to get your reefer cargo delivered as required and won’t hesitate to go the extra mile. Feel free to contact us with any questions or challenges and we will help you right away.