Whatever your question, when it comes to ocean freight our entire team is ready to take on your challenge. Our approach is characterized by our flexibility. This means that we always look for the perfect balance between speed and efficiency when it comes to your request. Whether that’s a small LCL port-to-port shipment or a full door-to-door FCL, we’ll do everything we can to relieve you of as much of the burden as possible!

Adapted to your wishes

You decide to what extent we take over arranging your cargo transport. If you already have a lot of experience with sea freight, you can, for example, only call us in for the port-to-port part of the transport. Are you not quite sure whether you want to handle the rest yourself? Then it is more convenient to ask us to handle the entire process, also called door-to-door.

With door-to-door shipments there are all kinds of factors that you no longer need to take into account. For example, the inland transport after arrival by ship, the documentation and also the customs clearance in both the country of origin and the country of destination. This is just some of the things we can take care of for your sea freight.

The format of your shipment

Depending on the size of your shipment, you can choose between FCL or LCL. We briefly explain the differences below to give you a better idea of what this choice entails!


With FCL, we’re talking about a full-container-load. This means that we are dealing with a container that is loaded and unloaded according to international standards for one addressee. The rates here are relatively lower than when the cargo, or a cargo of similar weight, is shipped in bulk.

FCL is particularly useful when a specific container is loaded to the maximum possible volume. Yet in practice, it is by no means always the case that an FCL is actually a completely full container. Sometimes a nearly full container is logistically simpler and safer than having two types of goods in one container. 


LCL, on the other hand, stands for less-than-container load, where the shipment in volume or weight thus does not fill a full container. With groupage, several LCLs are often shipped in one container, which can offer several advantages. One such advantage is a shorter delivery time. This is because a small load still fits with another already scheduled container.

Fast switching

We believe it is important to be flexible for our customers and therefore offer our options at very short notice. This means that we always receive requests within one part of the day. Usually even within the hour! We can do this because we are a compact organization that is close to the ball. This enables us to respond directly to your specific situation and quickly find solutions that help you move forward.

Perfectly tailored

Regardless of the challenge you face, we look for a solution that is perfectly tailored to it. In the first place, it’s about delivery in good order, but we also look for the ideal balance in regards to speed. This is how we connect to your request and ensure that your shipment is completed to your satisfaction. If any peculiarities or unforeseen circumstances should still arise, we will immediately get to grips with them in order to find a suitable solution as quickly as possible. We go to the extreme in this so that your continuity is not compromised.

Contact us, we are happy to help!

Our team is ready to take care of your sea freight. Please feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities or to immediately submit your request. We will then get to work for you immediately!